The Fall Report: Part 6 - Pitching

October 24, 2018

 The Bulldogs will go into the 2019 season with a three pitcher rotation of Avery "Showtime" Lundblad, Chloe "Thunder" Tratar and Syd "Vicious" Schmitz.  All three pitchers showed significant improvement over their 2017 12U fall season numbers, improving by roughly 50% in all critical statistical categories.  


Lundblad and Tratar got the majority of the work in the fall season each going roughly 30 innings with 7 and 6 starts respectively.  Schmitz lead the team in wins with a 3-1 record as a starter with Tratar and Lundblad each going 2-2.  Lundblad and Tratar also split the majority of the relief opporunties with 6 saves between them.  


The staff had a respectable ERA at 6.65 with Tratar skewing that slightly higher with a 7.90 ERA as she spent the fall getting used to pitching to much higher quality hitters.  On the flip slide Tratar had the lowest Batting Average Against at .295 and the most strikeouts with 25.  Lundblad is the team's "speedballer" with a high powered arm and great efficiency leading the team in lead off outs with 18 and the most number of innings getting the first batter out while forcing the opposing team into weakly hit balls 75% of the time.  Schmitz has precision control leading the staff in both first pitch strike percentage and overall strike percentages.  


With intensive work over the winter, the Bulldogs should have very solid pitching going into the spring season if all three pitchers can stay healthy.  


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