Fox League Rules

The Fox League will follow standard USSSA rules with some modifications to match the developmental nature of the league.  This includes standard softball rules such as:

-  Dropped third strike

-  Infield fly

-  Prohibited Crow-hop pitching

Modifications are as follows:

  • Rosters need to be submitted to league before Regular season begins.  For Combined teams during Spring season, they must submit two rosters:  one for Spring/Combined, and one for Summer/Playoffs.

  • Guest players:  Callover players from other teams are allowed. You must provide 24 hr notice to league and opponent before the game. Callups from U12 or Rec leagues do not require preapproval.

  • Playing short-handed:  teams may play short-handed with minimum 8 players.  There is no penalty for vacant batting position.   When a team drops to 7 players, the game is called and Forfeit is announced (7-0). 

  • Games will be 7 innings long. A game is considered an official game once four (4) innings have been completed. If the home team is leading after 3 ½ innings the home team is deemed the winner.

  • Mercy rule to be decided pregame:  standard mercy rule -OR- mercy with 5 run per inning maximum limit.  Standard Mercy rule is 12 runs after 3 innings, 10 runs after 4 innings, 8 runs after 5 innings.  If teams choose to play add’l innings beyond mercy limits, the mercy score will be the reported score, and the game can continue up to agreed-upon length.  With 5 run limit, no more than 5 runs can be scored in any inning. 

  • Open substitutions and continuous batting for all games.

  • Equipment:  bats must have at least one stamp of USSSA, ASA, NSA, ISA, ISF


Time Limits and Ties: Ties are allowed in Regular season.  There are no time limits for Fox League games, unless agreed-upon by coaches in pregame meeting. Please inform umpire of time limit. Use reason on school nights; if time limit is announced before the game, the game will end after 7 innings (6 ½ if Home team is winning) or time limit is met, whichever occurs first.  Finish the inning is allowed.  Example:  1 hr 45 minute is agreed upon.  No new inning is to begin after 1:45 unless BOTH teams agree to continue. If BOTH coaches agree, California tie-breaker rule is applied.  Playoffs will have no time limit and cannot end in tie game.  If tied after 7 innings, California tie breaker is applied.



  • Playoffs will begin Monday June 8, 2020 with a single elimination tournament to conclude with a Championship game approx. July 1.  

  • Playoffs will follow all regular season rules, with the following exceptions:  Mercy rule will end the game, no guest players are allowed unless with league approval, and no time limits. 

  • Championship game will be 7 innings.

  • Higher seeded teams will host playoff games and will always get last at-bats.  If playoff games cannot be scheduled in a timely fashion, the lower seeded team is allowed to host.  This may occur if higher seed has no field availability, in that case you may have to forego hosting in order to not delay the bracket.   Hosts will prep field, provide umpire and game balls just like in the regular season.

Fox League will attempt to make all accommodations for teams with limited availability in June because of limited fields or due to an increased tourney schedule, however forfeiture may occur if the bracket is delayed by 7 or more days.


Scores, Schedules and Standings:  Winning team to report scores to or text 630-816-4261.  Scheduling is done by each team and tracked through Google Calendar.   Standings online TBD

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