Fox League FAQs

What is the Fox League?

The Fox League is a developmental travel softball league for Low B level and C level teams to play competitive fastpitch softball in between their travel tourneys.


What does developmental mean? 

It means your players need Game-situation experience to improve their play. This applies to true U13 teams (all Middle School-aged players), net new or Rec Allstar teams, or “Combined” U14 teams with a mix of Middle school and Freshman players that want both a robust Spring schedule and a schedule after IHSA season ends to gel with their middle school teammates.


How is the season organized?

The season is organized into 3 phases to support the developmental focus of the league:  Spring, Summer and Playoffs:

  • Spring regular season ends on Memorial Day for Combined teams.  (Note: for teams not “Combined” you will stay together to finish Summer regular season and Playoffs.)  

  • Summer regular season is after Memorial Day until June 7 to allow your original roster to return, which may include Freshman players.  These teams will have two weeks for regular season games, and then Playoffs. 

  • Playoffs are June 8 until approx. July 1 to be played asap at the convenience of the opponents. 


How many games do I have to play?

There are no limits on games, however to qualify for Playoffs you must play at least 8 games by June 7.   If you have played less than 8 games, you can still enter as lowest seeded team in playoffs.


How often can I use a Guest player? 

Guest players should be used sporadically, however we recognize that situations may occur where your regular roster is unavailable due to schedule conflicts or injuries.  If rescheduling games is not an option, and Guest players are needed frequently, notification to the league is required and ruling will be made.   Common sense rules apply, on the honor system: Guest players must not play more innings than rostered players; no callovers of players from A-level teams; no Guest players allowed in Playoffs.  Guest player violations will result in two step process: step one is a warning; step two is forfeiture of any games where illegal players used.


We are a Combined team, how will we be seeded once rosters change to include Freshman players?   For Combined teams, each split-team after Memorial Day will inherit the combined teams record, and will add to Win/Loss totals during Summer season for Final seeding.


What is California tie-breaker?

California tie-breaker is meant to speed up closure of extra-innings games. It works like this: Once 7th inning concludes in a tie, in the 8th inning the visiting team will place last batted-out at 2B and the game will proceed until both teams have equal attempts and one team has outscored the other. 


How will Playoffs be seeded?  Playoffs are seeding by Winning % for any team that plays 8 or more games.  Tiebreakers are 1) Head to head 2) Runs allowed 3) coin flip. Teams playing in less than 8 games will be lower seed

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